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Jeune Europe is not just a name. It is a faint light, a track we follow from the European past, the XIX century, full of changes and unrest. “La Jeune Europe” was a group of intellectuals from different European countries, built from Giuseppe Mazzini’s ideals with a deep purpose: “Together to make a Europe of people”.

The spirit of our project aims at fostering dialogue among people coming from different countries and domains of study, with the aim of a holistic progress through exchange. It has been one hundred years since the tragic events of World War I, that had put the young people of Europe one against the other, whilst it has been thirty years since the birth of the Erasmus project which has created new links for the European youths of today’s time. As a result, today we now have the opportunity of developing the complete integration of European relations. This would finally make Europe a lighthouse of unity (based on diversity) for all the regions of the World still in conflict with one another.

Nowadays, discussions concerning borders and cultural melting pots are present and necessary; we have decided to be an active part of the dialogue. This is why we founded a familiar European context with people from all over the World. Nowadays technology allows us to go beyond physical constructs and to share knowledge, contributions and values so to build a new, bigger, and stronger Europe, through individual and common progress. Therefore, each visitor has the chance of take and share their knowledge by contacting the authors.  As the core characteristic of this blog is to have quality content concerning various subject areas, articles will be reviewed prior to their publication.

Since the aim of this blog is to make out the best of intercultural exchanges, its content only includes thoroughly researched articles. Such pieces of writing will hopefully produce a starting point of discussion, promoting further research or different perspectives and ultimately fostering dialogue. These articles tend to have a special focus on European issues. Nonetheless, contributions from countries outside of Europe is of considerable significance, as a means of both having a wider perspective and to report opinions on the old continent coming from outside.

As a new generation we will have to face challenges that the future imposes on us. Some paths, such as building a long-lasting peace in Europe, have already started and we have to protect what has already been done; other issues including climate change, wholly depend on us.

“Jeune Europe” is a way to better understand each other as Europeans, to grow together, to reduce the distances between us, to make the world know what we are, and what we can do for the global future.

Our responsibility is to take the best from our past, make the best of the present, and to build a better future.

We, Europe, can do it.

 © Jeuneurope 2022
 © Jeuneurope 2022


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