The life at the group home of Take Care Kids Pattaya, Thailand


Filippo Paggiarin

Filippo Paggiarin

We already talked about Thailand and Take Care Kids with its founder (here the link), but in this adventure Giorgio is not alone, with him are also the volounteers both thai and italian. Among these there is Laura, with whom I talked of volounteering (here the link) and took the chance to ask her questions and understand how is in concrete the daily life of an association like Take Care Kids and the one of its volounteers cooperating in the group home.

Laura, how did you get to know Take Care Kids?

”It was not long time since my husband and I arrived here and talking with a colleague of his he mentioned Take Care Kids, from there everything has started and since then both my husband and I help in the group home”

Tommaso, Laura’s husband, with one of the kids of Take Care Kids’ group home

What does Take Care Kids does precisely?

”I’d say everything. What Take Care Kids does is to give to this children a family. We are talking of children that underwent abuse abd that need to feel safe and loved to overcome the trauma, besides needing what every kids in the world need: playing, have guidance and rules to follow and an education, what we do is essentially giving them a family. With us there is also a psychologist that is there to monitor their development and is ready to catch every signal from the child”

How many kids are there in the group home?

”We have 14 kids in the group home now, the youngest is less then two years old, the eldest is sixteen”

How do they live?”

”Like a big family, the nice thing is they learn a lot from this: they grow up together and the eldest ones play the role of big brothers to the youngest ones. Kids wake up in the morning, have breakfast and go to school. Then, once out of school, they come back to the group home and there they find us”

Sunday trip at Khao Chee Chan

”And you? What do you do?”

”We are there to have the afternoon snack, doing homework, having dinner, going to the park or to the amusement park or to the aquatic park during the weekend, playing, giving rules and remarks if needed, educating them to respect and behave with other kids… we are there to do everything a normal family does. At the end of the day they are normal kids like all other kids in the world, in what they do and their behaviors they always remind me my nieces in my hometown in Italy!”

”How can one help you?”

”For us any kind of aid is important, I make some examples:

  • A carousel ride for one costs 40 THB (Thai bath, the local currency) equivalent to around 1 €
  • 3Kg of mango, useful for giving the afternoon snack to 20: 100 THB (some 2,50 €)
  • A watermelon, useful to provide the afternoon snack to all: 60 THB (some 1,50 €)
  • 2 durian cakes (a local fruit), enough for all kids and more: 400 THB (some 10 €)
  • The pizza for festive occasions for all kids, us and the staff is some 60 €

From these prices you see that every kind of donation has an impact on giving them something”.

——————- If you feel like giving a contribution of any kind to the association, be aware Take Care Kids website (here the link) gives the chance to make donations both via bank transfer (they have an account also in Italy, hence in the SEPA area) or via PayPal.

For Sweden you can also Swish at +46728866174 or send to this account number SE37 5000 0000 0569 9042 2599



Filippo Paggiarin


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